Mailing lists for DC++

The DC++ forum and bugzilla has been gone a while now, and unfortunately there’s no progress on when they’re coming back.

However, Jacek has established some mailing lists that you can use to stay current.

The SVN commit list is quite useful to be on, if you want to follow SVN updates. Beware, not all SVN commits appear in the list; They need to be approved first.

The newly opened development list is a useful resource if you’re interested in the development of DC++. (If we’re not posting about DC++’s progress here, of course.) Also, instead of mailing Jacek with your patches, he insist that you send patches to the mailing list¹.

The other newly opened mailing list is the bug list, where you can post about your bugs². (I’ve already noted it in the bug reporting page here. Feel free to post any of the mentioned items there as well in the bug list.)

¹ If you have a help file patch, you may send it directly to me, instead of cluttering the mailing list.
² I think you need to be a member on SourceForge to access the list.

Update: Well, apparently the bug list is read-only, so I’m re-opening the reporting page we have here.

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