Cross-compiling DC++ on Linux

Just some notes:

  • If you use a binary-based distribution, don’t use the default STLport – that’ll have been compiled for the native platform, not Win32. Compile your own copy from source, however you do it.
  • Your distribution might have a MinGW cross-compiler already packaged and available. Debian, Ubuntu, and possibly RPM distributions (I don’t use any and thus can’t verify that). The Gentoo site is down, so I didn’t check.
  • The default MinGW filename prefix in is i386-mingw32. You might need to adjust that, either by setting the MINGW_PREFIX variable or just editing For example, the correct prefix on my development system is i586-mingw32msvc.
  • On at least the versions of the MinGW runtime packaged with the Linux distribution I use, commdlg.h lacks the OPENFILENAME_SIZE_VERSION_400 constant (it’s 76 decimal) and winuser.h XBUTTON1/XBUTTON2 (VK_* and MK_* aren’t the same). Get the corrected header files from the official MinGW download site if necessary; they’re as portable as necessary.
  • Certain older versions of SCons on MinGW are vulnerable to a bug which DC++’s build system triggers. Either update SCons or apply the patch available if you experience that bug.
  • Finally, regardless of platform, using SCons’s —implicit-deps-unchanged option can dramatically speed up compiles if not too much has changed.

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