Don’t hijack me

Or, well, rather /me.

In most IRC-clients, you can use a command usually called /me. You use it when you want to say something in third person. Like “/me like apples”, and it will appear “* joe like apples” if your nick is “joe”. (Other variants exist, but this is probably the most common.)

As this is a chat feature, it also caught attention to DC clients and hubs and their developers.

In NMDC, you can’t say “this is in third person” and then “this isn’t in third person”, because everything is in the latter category. Unless you invent a completely new command to do this, of course. Which would be rather awful. However, some clients and hubs offer this functionality, in a different way.
Hubs can allow this by creating a new command. Like “+me like apples”, which the hub would then send out as “* joe like apples” (as the hub can do pretty much anything it want). This is rather simple, but the problem is that not all hubs allow this. (Either it’s because their software don’t let them, or because they dislike the feature, or just plain don’t know they can do it.)
The clients do it in a different way, which is really ugly. When you write “/me like apples” in your client, the client will send it out exactly like that. Like it’s a standard message. However, when the client see “/me ” beginning someone’s message, they display instead “* joe like apples”. Basically, they’re highjacking the /me; The original user may have intended that as part of their actual message, and not for the “/me”-functionality.

In ADC, you don’t need to hijack the message. Instead, you can simply add a parameter to the message that’s being sent out, and the other client need to show it “* joe like apples”. (You could even have different types of “/me”s in ADC, but I think they’re “restricted” at the moment.) (Yes, I’m aware the protocol state that it should be “*joe like apples”; Note the lack of a space… Whatever…) You can even do this in a private chat, which I doubt any NMDC hubs support (that support +me).

So please, if you’re writing an ADC client and you’ve been damaged enough by NMDC; don’t hijack me.

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