Progress bars with Wine

If you’re running some Linux as your kernel and using one of the many distributions out there, you can of course use DC, too. There’s a couple of clients out there, and one is even based on DC++; LinuxDC++. (While the name may suggest that it’s Linux-only, it “should” be able to be used on other *nix systems, too.)

LinuxDC++ use DC++’s core, though with a different GUI than in DC++. If you don’t like LinuxDC++’s GUI, and none of the other clients are easily available or you just don’t like them, you can actually run DC++. With Wine, an “emulator” (yes; I know what the name mean), you are able to use DC++ with little to no problem.

This post isn’t going to be a guide, but a “quick notice” concerning DC++ and Wine. (Yeah, I know, this has become rather lengthy. Anyway…)

When you are using DC++ through Wine, you will sometimes encounter crashes. What we’ve found out is that it’s caused by the progress bars in the transfer view. You know, the little green and red bars (if you haven’t changed the colors…) that you see when you download and upload?

So, to fix this, go into Settings, Advanced and de-select the option “Show progress bars for transfers”.

(This tip is the only thing we’ve found out that really seperate DC++ on Windows and DC++ through Wine. If you find out other things that that’s causing a crash in [specifically] Wine, let us know.)

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