Listing nicks in ADC and NMDC

When a user login to a hub, the user is notified who’s in the hub, who’s registered and who’s operator.

ADC and NMDC do this differently, but both have the same end effect.

ADC’s way is the most clean and simple way. When logging in, one recieve everyone’s INF. One of the beautys with the INF is that it’s a simple addition of a parameter to display a certain user is an operator or a registered user. This is done with the parameters OP respectively RG. This mean that when a client log in, it doesn’t need to recieve redundant information, as these parameters are omitted when the user is neither an operator nor a registered user.

In NMDC, it’s a different matter. When a client enters the hub, it recieves the $MyINFO. In this, certain information is relayed about the user. One of the things that aren’t relayed, is the matter if the user is logged in to the hub and if the user is an operator or not. In addition to the $MyINFO of every user, another command is used to signal that who are online. It is done with $NickList. This command is very simple; it only lists the users who are “online”, by nickname. Also, the operators of the hub are also flagged (in addition to the $NickList command) in the command $OpList. This list is also composed of the nicknames.
(By the way, as I understand it, to recieve the users who are online, one must first also send $GetNickList.)

I haven’t been able to see why $GetNickList and $NickList is required. Does anyone know why? I mean, can’t the client just use the $MyINFOs it gets when connecting? (I can see why $OpList is required, as there’s no other way to say “these people are operators” in NMDC, as far as I can see.)

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