Why do I have an upload that keep saying “Connecting…”?

At the version 0.696, support for the old NMDC-style file lists, .dclst, was dropped. This meant that you wouldn’t be able to download from users who serve these lists. If you try, you’ll recieve the error message “Remote client doesn’t support…”. This message isn’t something that these old clients say to you (no, we’re not psychic), it is something your client say internally.

When a client that doesn’t support the new, and improved, XML file lists, request the .dclst, DC++ will say back “Error. No such file.” When DC++ try and download a file, even if there’s an error, it will continue to try over and over again. (This mean that these users need to find a different source or upgrade their client.) The reason people keep popping up in “Connecting…”, is because after your and the other person’s client has started communicating (saying “hello, I want to download a file”), DC++ will display anything after as an “upload”. This includes when you say “no such file” or “no slots available”. (You will not see the latter upload very long since DC++ [on the other end] will wait a while before trying to grab a file again.)

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