Waiting Users and an upload queue

One of the windows that DC++ have is the Waiting Users window. This window, as the name suggests, will display those users who are waiting for a slot from you.

DC++ know what file and who it is requesting it. When someone request a file and you don’t have a slot open, your client will then respond with a “No slots available.” As DC++ (and other clients) don’t request the exact same file over and over, but try the entire download list, you will see a growing number of files in the window from the same user.

The important thing that the window do represent vs what the window do not represent, is that it only displays the requested files by others. Meaning, this isn’t a upload queue. The person at the top of the list won’t get a slot sooner than someone in the middle or at the bottom. You see, there’s no upload queue at all in DC++. Whoever try and download a file while you have a slot open will get the slot. This is why some clients cheat, by “hammering”, i.e. trying to get a slot constantly, increasing their chances that they’ll get one.

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