Interface change in upcoming versions

A very large change in upcoming versions of DC++ is that the interface will change. Hopefully, the interface change will be transparent for users, and only be noticeable for developers.

So, what is changing? Well, the intent is to remove all of the WTL code, the code that handles the interface, and translate it to Smartwin code. The code is similar, but not exactly the same. This translation process will take quite a while, so you need to have patience.

The fact that DC++ is going to use Smartwin, instead of WTL, will mean that we will get rid of the dependancy for Visual Studio. DC++ will still be able to be compiled with VS, but you aren’t required to have it to compile DC++. From now on, one can compile DC++ with mingw. All in all, DC++ will be able to be compiled with completely free (of charge) tools. (Read compile.txt for specific instructions.)

No, Smartwin does not mean that one can natively run DC++ on Linux or Macintosh. Luckily, there’s projects like LinuxDC++ and MultiDC++, for respectively system.

If you are interested in translating the code in DC++, everything in “#ifdef PORT_ME” (and the corresponding “#endif”) is the old code that need to be translated.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me put it this way; Every window in DC++ need to be re-written “from scratch”. (No, this does not mean that entire DC++ need to be re-written.)

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3 Responses to Interface change in upcoming versions

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  2. heliologue says:

    Why something as seemingly unmaintained as SmartWin? Why not a more modern toolkit like Qt?

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