The future of DC++

For the past weeks, there have been extensive talks on the future of DC++. The specific topic of the discussions was spawned by a company that contacted Jacek and Todd. The company wanted to add official support for DC++. Support in the form of donations and various hardware solutions.

Last night, the company and Jacek signed a contract. The contract will come into action in mid-May of this year.

“What company?” you may ask. Well, it is actually IFPI. Yeah, you may think we’re nuts, but I promise this will be a great solution. I can’t share the official contract, but I can tell you about some stuff that will happen.

Some of the new stuff we will be getting:

  • A distributed network for our website so we’ll never have to worry about it going down.
  • A dedicated server for the DC development hub.
  • New machines to use for the further development of DC++.
  • A chunk-load of money.
  • Special I-love-IFPI mouse pads. (They’re really nifty.)

This will also bring some new features to DC++:

  • New and improved file sharing filtering.
  • New and improved search filtering.
  • New and improved download filtering.
  • We will of course redirect version.xml to our new distributed network.
  • New rating system were hubs, among others, will get notified what you’re downloading and uploading to and from whom.

And much more.

Brace yourself, because DC++ will be better than ever!

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3 Responses to The future of DC++

  1. emtee says:

    A very suprising but promising news!

    A few minutes before I checked my RSS and read this post I was busy to answer the same old questions in my hub what are pretty easy to answer with a link to the forum or the faq… then I wrote:

    [20:26:44] hope the dc++ support page will be online soon
    [20:26:58] there is a great faq there covering these all

    If all my of wishes came true so fast then… :D

  2. emtee says:

    and pray for that this news has no any connection with the calendar… ;)

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