Time left: 584 million years

In the upcoming version, there will be a fix for (as noted by the changelog) “time issues with DC++ running for more than 49 days”. This changelog entry mean that if you have your system for running more than 49 days, DC++ will most likely crash. This isn’t a new issue, it has existed for a while, though no one had gotten around to fixing it. (Though, fulDC has had it fixed a couple of versions.)

When the system starts, a specific variable is set that keep track of how long ago it was since your computer had started. When creating the variable, one must set its size as well. If you set the size of it to 100, and you assign the variable 102, the variable will overflow and nasty things will happen. This is also what has happened with DC++.

The size for this specific variable is 32-bit. This mean that the maximum size is 2^32, or 4294967296.

Like I said, this variable keep track of when the system was started, in milli-seconds. So if the variable would read 10000 it would mean that there have been 10 seconds since the start. Let us now convert the maximum amount of milli-seconds to maximum amount of days. This yeild; 4294967296 / 1000 / 3600 / 24 = 49,7102… days. Now look back on the changelog entry. It says 49 days, too.

So, if this is fixed, how is it fixed?

This is fixed by setting a new maximum size for this variable. “But… Then you’ll just end up having to fix that, too!” Well… That’s true. Sort of. If you’re planning on living for a couple of million years, that is.

The new maximum size is 64-bit. This mean that the maximum size is 2^64, or 18446744073709551616 milli-seconds. Let us convert this to days, again. 18446744073709551616 / 1000 / 3600 / 24 = 213503982334,6… days. Seems days aren’t enough. That’s 584942417,3 years. Yikes! OK, this mean that there’s 584 million years until DC++ will crash!

So you see, you don’t need to worry about this issue any more. :)

[If current DC++ crashes, and you restart it, your system will obviously still be running for more than 49.7 days. However, as the variable overflow, it is also reset, so you’ll have another 49.7 days until DC++ crashes again. Repeat ad infinitum.]

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