LockToKey examples

The DC++ wiki is down, so all you developers out there are out of luck. Until now… Well, at least for one thing;

The LockToKey examples. Since it’s quite a complicating thing to reverse engineer, here’s the examples that could be found through the wiki.

Note that I haven’t written any or have any knowledge about them.

Sorry about .doc, but WordPress didn’t allow .rar. Just rename the file to .rar. (The reason I’m not pointing to the cached Google page is because it might change over night.)

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3 Responses to LockToKey examples

  1. lorddaimos says:

    So when will we get the rest of the wiki? I’m developing my own client in .Net and C# and your wiki saves so much time instead of sniffing packets. Any chance you could release a databasedump so we can setup or own local wiki or something?

  2. Todd Pederzani says:

    I’ll give access to my mirror of the wiki by request until the hosting situation is resolved. I don’t have an ETA on that.

    The ADC draft is still up. :)

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