Forum on hiatus

The forums are on hiatus for now. Anyone visiting the site has noticed its lackluster (understatement) response time. Although the response time is largely due to attacks targeting or the machine it is hosted on, some of the legitimately generated load is from the forum. I’ve taken it down to be kinder to our host (recall my old post). I’d like to apologize to the end users looking to get support who are inconvenienced by this action. If you’re one of them, please make sure you check out the FAQs.

3 Responses to Forum on hiatus

  1. headofstate says:

    I’m a huge supporter of DC++ and it sucks to see this site being so slow and stuff. I would like to help you guys out and give you some new space on my personal server that has a dedicated T1… with full security. Just shoot me an email.

  2. Todd Pederzani says:

    We’re in that situation now, with a pretty large line to a box hosted by a friend. Your offer is a lateral move, and we need an upgrade to DDoS resistance, and perhaps a larger line. However, thanks for your kind offer. Wherever we move, we have to plan for the attackers to follow us, and for them to become more persistent in the future (an approximation of the worst case).

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