Debug ADC!

If you’re wondering about how raw ADC messages look like in action, you should definitely enable AdcDebug.

Since most users don’t need or would want to see an option that could do that, there is no graphical way of doing it. Instead, you must add the following line to DCPlusPlus.xml;

<AdcDebug type=”int”>1</AdcDebug>

… where the ‘1’ indicate that you do want to see raw ADC messages and ‘0’ would indicate that you don’t want to see them.

Be warned; If you enter a busy hub, DC++ will ‘flood’ you with text, possibly causing DC++ to freeze. If you intend to use the information, I suggest you enable logging and use the log file to go over the info.

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3 Responses to Debug ADC!

  1. TheParanoidOne says:

    Something that might be obvious to all, but note that DC++ must *not* be running while you manually edit DCPlusPlus.xml or else your edits will be overwritten.

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