Cache it!

Once in a while, there come a release which contain a little bit of everything. And 0.699 is such a release.

The new version mean a major difference for developers, as Todd mentioned.

A lot of people have flamed us for not including more hub lists (even though it takes, what, a minute [at most] to search the intarweb and replace them?), but there are now two more included lists. The hub list you download is now cached, which means that it’ll be stored on your computer and re-used next time you use public hubs (unless you explicitly tell DC++ to re-download it). This will mean that hub lists will take fewer hits and users of DC++ will always have a (or at least one) hub list as a backup.

Beyond caching the hub list, some other “security” things have been worked out. The most interesting is the fact that DC++ will now check if it ever was connected to a hub before it will auto connect to that hub.

If you were around the time when cologic (the BCDC++ author) added user’s IP in the transfer view (around .307, I think), I think you’ll love/hate him even more. The reason? Well, he has now added user’s IPs in the hub frame! Note that all hubs don’t automagically send everyone’s IP, so don’t assume it’s broken because it may be blank on the hubs you frequent.

And oh… If you are writing FAQs on each settings window in DC++, you’ll have to change some of them; There’s a new page; ‘Tabs’.

All in all, I suggest you download this new version.

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