Pop quiz: Search magically work

DC++ has a lot of features and it’s quite difficult to list them all. But we try to, through the changelog, FAQ, help file, wiki, forum and this blog. However, it is often the case that when we do list a feature, it is lost in other pieces of text.

One of these features, is a feature that is explained in the changelog and can be found in the FAQ.

But instead of me explaining the feature, I thought we’d have yet another pop quiz.

User A and B are on the hub AHUB. The hub is designed to on and off queue messages*. Especially searches. The hub queues searches by 10 and THEN send out the search queries so users can respond. This means that until 10 searches has been carried out, the 9 searches (before the 10th) are in limbo. The ‘on and off’ switch is that when 100 searches are done (10 blocks) the message queue is disabled for 100 searches and then turns the message queue back on. And so on and so on.
User A tells B to search for AFILE. User B try to, but nothing happens. He closes the search window, and try to search again. Nothing again. He does this 8 or 9 times, but to no result. He closes the search window, and tells A that he doesn’t get anything. User A try to search and he is perfectly able to find it. “Huh? How can you find the file and I can’t?” User B tries again to search and nothing shows up (AHUB’s switch is set to OFF at this very moment, mind you). He thinks “perhaps there’s something wrong with my connection. I’ll wait a while”. After 10 minutes, user B tries to search again, and then is able to find the file in question.

Note that there were/are no problems in regards with active/passive.

Also, A, B, and the person with AFILE are all using the latest DC++.

Here is the question: Why was user B unable to find the file (especially when the switch was off) and why did it ‘magically’ work after 10 minutes?

As a small side question, which is ‘more troublesome’ to answer; Was AHUB a NMDC hub or a ADC hub, or does it not matter?

(I realize that it may be difficult to wrap your head around today’s pop quiz but when you know the answer, you hopefully will understand the reason for the complex scenario.)

* I have no idea if this would be a good or bad strategy.

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