Happy birthday!

It is, as of now*, exactly 5 (five) years since DC++ was released to the world! Happy birthday DC++!

A lot has happened during the course of these years. The things I remember clearly are;

  • When the DC++-tag was introduced. The massive shouting in hubs about a new and ‘weird’ client, reporting all kinds of crazy stuff!
  • When there was an obvious usage of DC++ vs the NMDC client – around (DC++) 0.181 or something like that, I think?
  • When DC++ restricted the amount of users you could kick in one sweep. (It was 20 or something like that.)
  • Running the NMDC client to “see how it was waaaaaaay back”. Wow, it was awful compared to DC++.
  • When DC++ displayed non-operators with keys all of a sudden.
  • The IP showing in transfer view. *Wow*. Just… *Wow*. (And you know, in upcoming versions, the IP for others will be visible in the hub window too.)
  • The sudden and non-obvious disappearance of Neo-modus.com (or whatever the link was) and DC++’s “triumph”.
  • The appearance of a few mods having segmented downloading.
  • TTH! Oh, my god! TTH! One could actually disable it once… Heh.
  • When ADC was introduced in 0.402.
  • MiB vs MB etc…
  • I begun work on DC++.
  • The new icon for DC++.
  • Help file… Now, go read it. Pronto!
  • Default hub list set to the ADC hub list.
  • When DC++ chose to not download (or even display) non-TTH files.

What are your memories for the past years?

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* It is now exactly 2006-11-17 20:38 for the blog at least. It’s on UTC-4.

One Response to Happy birthday!

  1. emtee says:

    I remember when I first used DC++ it was a 0.261 in mid ’03. A friend of mine had brought DC to my attention. I felt at once that this is a file sharing conception I’ve waited for and I knew that I won’t leave it for a long time.
    Since then DC became a part of my everyday life as a hobby or a bit more.

    I remember
    when those early times I spent many evenings in my workplace chatting in hubs and downloading (I haven’t had internet connection at home – it was hard to get a good connection in Hungary that time)
    when I first got my VIP access on my favorite hub
    when they trusted me and gave me an op status
    when I met the author of the best DC++ mod and became a good chatfriend of mine
    when I started my own DC hub
    when the Creator Himself and the guys around DC++ trusted me (again) and made me mod in their forum

    Without DC++ these all couldn’t had happened with me. I believe the same good things happened with many of us. DC++ has changed many people’s life a bit. I hope my list will be at least twice bigger in the 10th birthday…

    …so Happy B-day DC++ and many thanks Arne :)

    Sorry, but these are my memories… If you consider this kinda “story of DC and me” too boring or misplaced feel free to remove it :)

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