Visual Studio 2005

As of the next release of DC++, the project files will be incompatible with Visual Studio 2003 (see: svn 677). For many developers, myself included, this means an upgrade. Previously, Microsoft published Visual C++ .NET [2002] and Visual C++ .NET 2003, which were priced at around $100, and would compile DC++ just fine. For their “2005” product line, they dropped the standalone C++ environment, leaving me in a bind. It turns out that owners of Visual C++ .NET 2002/2003 are qualified to purchase the Visual Studio Standard 2005 upgrade, which retails for $200. I just ordered received my copy and if this post isn’t updated, you can safely assume it works for compiling DC++.

The Visual Studio Express 2005 package is free, but it doesn’t include ATL. The above is the least expensive way to compile DC++, really.

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