Approaching 0.7…

And the versions keep pouring in… Today it is 0.698 that has been released.

 0.698 contain a vital fix for a security issue, where a remote client could crash you, without you knowing or could do anything about it.

We are approaching a ‘Stable’ release, but remember; a new version become ‘Stable’ only when there have been enough testing on it, so tell everyone about the release and test the shit out of it!

7 Responses to Approaching 0.7…

  1. emtee says:

    Is there any information about what older versions are affected with the security problem? I mean is it a problem what affects all previous versions or is there a certain version or era of the development when it has introduced?

  2. Fredrik Ullner says:

    PPK (the author of CZDC++ and developer of Ptokax) said, according to one of my logs, that it affected every version above 0.69. (And various mods that base themselves on it.)

    When 0.698 (or above version that contain the fix) will be released as ‘Stable’, and enough people use it, I (or someone else here, but probably me) will disclose what the issue was. (If you know the exploit: Don’t comment about it here. I will remove it immediately.)
    The issue was trivial, in terms of coding, so I don’t want it to get more exploited than it already has.

  3. emtee says:

    Thanks. Not a good news but better than having all versions vulnerable.

  4. julass says:

    my problems with 0,698 (previously i had 0,674)
    – it’s no adding sources to files in queue when i search for alternatives (even when i want to add manally)
    – can’t transfer queue from the older version…
    – that “Remote client doesn’t support…” thing…
    – can’t switch off automatic refresh sharing list
    – some people doesn’tknow how to do Activ (whch was soooo easy in previous ver.)
    don’t remember anything else:)

  5. Todd Pederzani says:

    Most likely alternatives are not being added (or offered as alternates) because the TTH does not match.
    The Queue can’t be transferred from the old version because of the user identification scheme – the nick + hub are used to make a pseudo-CID for NMDC sources. The old queue only stored the nick, I believe, so creating a pseudo-CID for old queues on launch isn’t possible.
    DC++ downloads files only by their TTH, not by their filename (it’s not stored), so it cannot download from old clients (which is what the “Remote client…” message is about).
    Automatic refreshes can’t be turned off, but you can adjust the time between them.
    Active mode is the same, the settings were changed to try to make it easier/more apparent. For new users, this should be more intuitive.

    Most of your list are unavoidable due to the changes in DC++ to move into an ADC based world. I’m not certain any of them could be changed.

  6. Fredrik Ullner says:

    Automatic refreshes _can_ be turned off; Set the option “auto-refresh” to 0.

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