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Something I use frequently and I’m sure many others do as well, is the ‘Download to’ option one can find in the right click menu when you click on a file in a file list or the search window.

There exist a similar window in most other applications as well, all varying the default folder. That is, the folder that will show up first when you click on “Download to”.

In most applications, the default is My computer. However, in DC++ it is the default download directory.

‘Why?’ you ask? Ah, excellent question my dear Just These Guys, Ya Know?-reader. You see, this is not a technical restriction. It is very much an intended feature and it’s quite an old feature. And the feature is soon pushing 5 years… It was added to DC++ 0.13, which was released 2002-01-19. Ah, the good ol’ times…

One Response to Download to default download

  1. emtee says:

    Thank god it doesn’t default to My Computer! Btw an other commonly used stupid default download path could be even worse : %userprofile%\My Documents\ :) This feature follows the right logic and its great!

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