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While I’ve been managing this Blog for some time (and the previous two as well), I’ve had little to no requests for post-topics.

While my e-mail, and Todd’s, and arne’s, and… is shown here and in other places, I guess people are hesitant to send a mail.

So, feel free to post here in this post if you want me or anyone else to talk about a certain topic. Or explain a certain feature. Or explain a particular bug. Or…

Please note that it’s very difficult for us to answer questions about a particular modification of DC++ or even a different client. (To increase the chances of us talking about a feature in another mod/client, have the feature/question be generalized.)

(Of course, browse the blog or FAQ first. Your topic may have already been discussed.)

Please add further comments here.

15 Responses to Blog Topic Suggestion Box

  1. Flow84 says:

    * Safe Segmentation Downloading.
    * Verification that the downloaded part of file is correct and not some random data.

  2. Flow, he meant topics for discussion on the blog. The feature tracker (bugzilla) already has an entry for segmented downloading (bug 378). Your second suggestion is pretty much assured given the way DC++ works now – look at the use of the MerkleCheckOutputStream class.

  3. VidFamne says:

    A suggestion of a Topic is to talk about hublists, in various aspect.

  4. Fredrik Ullner says:

    VidFamne: What type of aspects did you have in mind?

  5. BWMerlin says:

    I was talking to some people on IRC and they were saying how the DC protocol was basically IRC mashed with ftp and that it didn’t contain much error correcting and redundancy and wasn’t as good as a DHT program. Maybe an article about how DC controls errors and the pros and cons of the way DC does things compared to DHT programs.

  6. BWMerlin, I don’t know if either Pretorian or myself know enough about the DHTs to talk about them. They are used in distributed P2P networks, which DC obviously isn’t. We can try to respond in some fashion, but you might want to give more specific statements to talk about. I’d be surprised if we didn’t talk about error correction before – that’s what TTHes are all about. As for redundancy, that’s a little vague too. It sounds almost as though someone on IRC was comparing DC to freenet.

  7. oldfart says:

    Please add an option in the next release to change font sizes for all parts of the program. No matter what size I change the fonts to in the program it does not seem to change the font size in the chat and hub windows. Sometimes it is hard to read depending on how stressed these old eyes are.

    Other than that, thank you for the program and the only other request I have is that when you do a search for alternates if you already have the the file your own file would show up as one of the alternates thus letting you know for sure you have the file instead of just thinking ‘why didn’t this thing add the download?’.

  8. Fredrik Ullner says:

    oldfart: This is not the place to make feature requests. We have for discussion about feature requests and ultimately for the final request.

    This Suggestion box is about topics for this Blog.

  9. Pasqualle says:

    i would like to read some articles about the power of ADC. i am expecially interested in the new SUP command.

    for example, i as a programmer would like to add an audio chat support (with use of skype, msn or teamspeak, ..) into my client mod (or any better idea for new feature). what would i need? how would you do something like that? which are the basic rules (guidelines) of the new feature integration into the client? is there any limitations?
    and something from the users aspect. what it would give them? how they can activate(deactivate) the new feature(s)?

    maybe a full story about one new feature integration..

    any ideas, upcoming SUP features which will (planned to) be included in the future DC++ releases..

  10. Elros says:

    Please make a native x64 version of DC++ !!!!

  11. Todd Pederzani says:

    Elros: this is a suggestion request for *topics for the blog*. If you want to suggest a feature for DC++, use our Bug/Feature tracker:

  12. dantheperil says:

    I don’t know what is going on with my DC++.After downloading and configure I can’t connect to the hub, action result it is a response like that:A possible connection was forcibly closed by the remote host!That even I ran this program one year.Is there anyone send me some information to can get back in the hub?

  13. Todd Pederzani says:

    Dan, try to connect to other hubs, or to download a (known good) hublist. If you can do any of those things, your problem is with that hub. It may be down, so to know for sure what is happening you will need to get in touch with the hub’s owners.

  14. Pasqualle says:

    Can you add a sign up (registration) link to the blog main page? As the old username/password does not work here, and the login page does not have the link for registration..
    It took me a while to realise I have to go to site to register..

  15. Fredrik Ullner says:


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