Help the file!

Since I’ve been posting a bunch of “how to compile this and that” posts lately, I am going to do that today as well.

And this time, with DC++’s help file.

It’s an easy task, requiring basically only one program from Microsoft; HTML Help Workshop.

Download HTML Help Workshop and install it in C:/Program Files. (Or wherever the %ProgramFiles% system variable point to.)

Now go in the help/ directory in DC++’s source and run compile.cmd. This will automatically generate a new ‘version’ of the changelog in the helpfile, and (temporarily) copy res/users.bmp so one of the FAQs can take advantage of it. The help file will now appear in app/ (extension .chm).
If you want to change the language of the help file, feel free to do that. It’s just to open the .html files in an editor and change the text. (Remember? It’s HTML Help Workshop.)

If you want to add or remove a file from the help file;

  1.   Open toc.hhc in a text editor and add the file in an appropriate LI/object-tag.
  2. Open help.vcproj in a text editor and add the file in an appropriate File-tag.
  3. Open DCPlusPlus.hhp in a text editor and add the file in the [FILES] part. If you want it to have an alias, and be “call-able” from DC++, add it as well under the [ALIAS] part.
  4. Modify index.html (or whatever other file you want to point to your new file).
  5. Run compile.cmd.

If you want to upload it so others can take advantage of your change, feel free to upload it to the Language tracker.
Something many may not know about, is that the help file require one other program to be viewable. It is Internet Explorer. Yes. So, while the .chm is initially constructed by platform independent HTML files, the end help file is not.

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