After creating a feature or fixing a bug, and the patch is included in DC++, arne (usually) add your name or pseudonym to the changelog (“thanks yourname”). If you haven’t contributed patches before, he also add your name/pseudonym to DC++’s About Box. Since I don’t think these people and projects are getting deserved credit for everything, here’s that list of people and projects that have contributed to DC++;

DC++ uses libzip2, thanks to Julian R Steward and team for providing it.
uses STLPort (, a most excellent STL package.
DC++ also utilize zlib.
 includes GeoIP data created by MaxMind, available from
DC++ uses yassl from, thanks to Todd Ouska and Larry Stefonic.

 per lindén, martin skogevall,
geoff, carxor, luca rota, dan kline, mike, anton, zc, sarf, farcry, kyrre aalerud,

 opera, patbateman, xeroc, fusbar, vladimir marko, kenneth skovhede, ondrea, todd pederzani, who, sedulus,

 sandos,henrik engström, dwomac, robert777, saurod, atomicjo, bzbetty, orkblutt, distiller, citruz, dan fulger,  

 cologic, christer palm, twink, ilkka sepp�l�, johnny, ciber, theparanoidone, gadget, naga, tremor,

 joakim tosteberg, pofis, psf8500, lauris ievins, defr, ullner, fleetcommand, liny, xan, olle svensson,

 mark gillespie, jeremy huddleston, bsod, sulan, jonathan stone, tim burton, izzzo, guitarm, paka,

 nils maier, jens oknelid, yoji, krzysztof tyszecki, poison, pothead, pur, bigmuscle, martin, jove,

 bart vullings, steven sheehy, tobias nygren.

(It’s a mere copy of the About Box.) (“People” is in chronological order of when the patch was added to DC++.) (You can find me somewhere in there.)


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