Compiling DC++ with Visual Studio 2003

This guide is about compiling DC++ on Windows, with Visual studio 2003.

To compile DC++, you will need a few things.

First, download the DC++ source, and unpack it in C:\dcplusplus\dcplusplus696\. (So you got C:\dcplusplus\dcplusplus696\windows, C:\dcplusplus\dcplusplus696\client etc.)

Download STLport, and unpack it in C:\dcplusplus\STL so you got C:\dcplusplus\STL\config etc.

Download WTL and unpack it in C:\dcplusplus\WTL so you got C:\dcplusplus\WTL\include etc.

Download the latest SDK, or get the natupnp.h file from Bugzilla. Place it in C:\dcplusplus\natupnp\. (I think I have it in some Visual Studio include path, but this should work fine too.)

Download YaSSL and unpack it in C:\dcplusplus\YaSSL so you got C:\dcplusplus\YaSSL\certs etc.

Download Python and install it. (I got mine in the default folder)

Enter C:\dcplusplus\dcplusplus696\. Open up DCPlusPlus.rc and change the line #include “wtl\\atlres.h” to #include “atlres.h”

Open up the workspace (DCPlusPlus.sln)

Under the Tools menu, press Options.

Go to Projects and then VC++ Directories.

Under ‘Show directories for’ select ‘Include files’.

Add the STL folder, WTL\include folder, YaSSL folder and then the natupnp folder. (They should be in the top.)

Under the Build menu, press Build solution and Visual Studio should compile you an executable that is located in C:\dcplusplus\dcplusplus696\app\.

To change Python path, go to client->Header Files->StringDefs.h->Properties->Custom build step and change the appropriate values.

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