ADC resources

Since I’ve been promoting ADC so much, it is time I also presented where one could get further information about it, and possibly participate in its development.

In the DC++ wiki, one can find a list of clients and hubs.

Furthermore, one can find a discussion page, where discussion about certain aspects of ADC take place. One can of course also start a new topic. The non-discussion page in the DC++ wiki, show briefly what ADC is, can do and what hasn’t been addressed in the protocol draft or discussion page.

There is also another page where ADC commands, that are extensions of the base protocol, are brought forward.

In this blog, you can also find numerous posts concerning ADC.

The latest draft is probably something you should look at, and as an addition, older draft versions are also available. (Though, I couldn’t find older than 0.5…)

(The old DCTNG-draft is what ADC was based on, so a look at that for historical reasons could be educational.)

The ADC hublist project is interesting as well.

And not to forget, the public DC development hub.

(And as well, the DC++ forum where some discussion happen.)

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