Compiling ADCH++ with Visual Studio 2005 on Windows

So, you’ve been trying to compile ADCH++, but have been failing? Well, here’s a nice guide on how to do it with Visual Studio 2005. (For your information, Trem, that little cutie pie, wrote it. I haven’t tried it, so if it doesn’t work, blame him. Well, you can blame him anyway for everything else but that’s besides the point.)

1. Download TortoiseSVN and install, let it reboot.

2. Create a folder for the project (c:\adchpp will be used throughout this guide).

3. In Windows Explorer, right click and select SVN checkout. In the resulting dialog box fill in as the URL and click OK.

4. Download STLport and unpack it in c:\adchpp. This should give you a c:\adchpp\stlport\stlport folder.

5. Download Bjam and unpack the .exe to c:\windows\system32 (assuming Windows is installed on C:). Make sure the folder name isn’t extracted.

6. Download Boost and extract it to c:\adchpp, this should give a c:\adchpp\boost_1_33_1 folder.

7. Open Visual Studio (2005) and go to Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->VC++ Directories. Select include files from the drop down box. Add c:\adchpp\stlport and c:\adchpp\boost_1_33_1 to the top of the list and save the settings.

8. Open Visual Studio’s command prompt from the start menu (regular cmd won’t work) and change to c:\adchpp\boost_1_33_1\

9. Run the command set: VC80_ROOT=%VCINSTALLDIR%

10. Run the command set: bjam “-sTOOLS=vc-8_0” install (this could take time)

11. In Visual Studio select File->New->Project from Existing code. Select Visual C++ project. Set project file location to c:\adchpp\ and project name to adchpp. In Add files box, remove c:\adchpp and add c:\adchpp\Windows and c:\adchpp\adchpp. Click next and select console application from the drop down box. Put BUILDING_ADCHPP in the preprocessor definitions box and in the Additional include box add c:\adchpp\ and click finish.

12. Right click the adchpp project and select Properties. Go to Linker->Input and input “ws2_32.lib Mswsock.lib” (without the quotes) to the Additional Dependencies box and click ok.

13. Open c:\adchpp\adchpp\config.h and scroll to line 59. It should look like

# if _MSC_VER == 1200 || _MSC_VER == 1300 || _MSC_VER == 1310

Change it to

# if _MSC_VER == 1200 || _MSC_VER == 1300 || _MSC_VER == 1310 || _MSC_VER == 1400 #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE 1

14. Open c:\adchpp\adchpp\PluginManagerh and go to line 227. It should look like

ADCHPP_DLL static PluginManager* instance;

Change it to

static PluginManager* instance;

15. Go to Build->Build Solution and it should give you a finished adchpp for you to play around with =)

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