Ignoring TTH

There is a way to see what people are searching for. It’s called the ‘Search spy’. There, what people search for is displayed, if the searches correspond to what’s in your current share and some other minor things.

What you will see (unless you are in a hub that doesn’t very much like clients that have TTH) is a lot of “TTH:” followed by an obscure string of characters and numbers. These are (as you might have guessed) files searched for by their TTH. And most likely, an automated search.

To avoid seeing all the gibberish, because that’s what is it considering you can’t decipher the TTH to a file name, you can select ‘Ignore TTH searches’. What this option does is that it doesn’t display TTH searches in the window. That is, it’s only a graphical thing. You will still respond to TTH searches (which you of course should).

“But when I click that option, the “TTH:”s doesn’t go away!” Well, no, they don’t. That is because they’re already displayed in the window. The option will not display future TTH searches.

2 Responses to Ignoring TTH

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why not make “ignore tth” on by default?

    Hmm.. “show thh” default off has a better ring to it.

    either way..

  2. I don’t know an answer that would satisfy you, other than “because that’s what it was originally coded as”. I know no one that actually uses the search spy on a regular basis…

    Anyway, you could always change the string for yourself (by editing example.xml)…

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