Commanding the keyboard

Most of the keyboard commands are documented in the help file, but not all of them. The reason not all are documented is because I didn’t add them when I created the file. Well, and the fact that some things has been added/removed since I created it and no one ever bothers updating the help file.

You can see a few of the commands at the bottom of this page. I’m sure you can find out when you use CTRL or ALT…

And have a look at the Coding Horror blog; (Very) Basic Textbox Keyboard Shortcuts. Most of what’s posted there is possible within DC++. Not everything, mind you.

The keyboard commands I frequently use are; CTRL+D (open download queue), CTRL+S (open a new search window), +/- in the download queue to control priority, CTRL and +, CTRL+F (open favorite hubs window), CTRL+Q (quick connect), Shift+Home/End to mark text and of course the standard CTRL+X/C/V to cut/copy/paste text.

2 Responses to Commanding the keyboard

  1. emtee says:

    I also frequently use Ctrl-E (Reindex share) right after I made any modification of the shared files while running dc++ to be fair to those who want to upload from me.

  2. Sure. Though, I use ‘Add finished files to share instantly (if shared)’ and ’20’ (minutes) as ‘auto refresh time’ so I don’t have to care about that. :)
    Sure, a few un-needed refreshes, but (luckily) my computer doesn’t get affected.

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