ConTRoLling and ALTering the status bar

While you may have been a solid DC++ user, used DC++ for several years, been operator in a few DC hubs and know some of the internals (hopefully gotten some of that knowledge from here), there are still times where you may experience something totally new.

Last night, BSOD2600 (the maintainer of the DC++ FAQ) was having trouble with the status bar not showing. The status bar, being the little bar that says “H: x/y/z Slots: 1/1 D: 2 MiB” etcetera.

Why was the status bar not showing? A bug? No. It was no bug. It’s actually a known behaviour – if you enable it that is. If you look in the View menu, you can see at the bottom; “Toolbar”, “Status bar” and “Transfers”. (With Ctrl+1/2/3 assigned next to them.) If you press “Status bar” (or the shortcut Ctrl+2) that little bar below will disappear. And re-appear if you do the procedure again. (Which BSOD2600 found out a minute later or so.)

Before I begun submitting patches, I hung out at the Public Development hub (down for the moment – unknown when/if it will go up). The first question I had there was about the status bar. Not it being visible or not with Ctrl+2. But the actual text being visible or not. You can see what I’m talking about if you press Alt. The text should disappear and ‘File’ in the menu should be marked. I found out that this behaviour is not DC++ specific in any way. It’s a feature that Windows have. You can try it yourself, press Alt in Windows Explorer. While there’s a small text in Windows Explorer when I do this, and in DC++ there is not, is irrelevant (although it would’ve been nice if there were [I am NOT going to do anything about it]).

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