Pausing queued items

One of the features that I use very infrequently is the ability to pause downloads. Although the feature is very clear for me on how to use, I’m sure it is confusing for some.

You can never pause a current download. Without risking screwing things up that is.

To pause a queued file that hasn’t begun downloading, go into the Download queue (Ctrl+D), right click on the file you wish to pause, scroll down to ‘Set priority’ and set it to ‘Pause’. The file will not be auto-searched for or downloaded.

To pause a running download, do the above with one addition; Right click on the download in the transfer view (Ctrl+3) and select ‘Close connection’. There’s one problem with this though. You will risk loosing your slot. So, right click again on the file and select ‘Force attempt’. Hopefully, the slot hasn’t been taken by someone else.

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