Messages in status bar

I’ve seen a lot of people getting frantic when they see someone posting a message to the status bar. (For those who don’t know what the status bar is, it’s the bar where you see amount of users in a hub, total share and various status changes [away mode, slots etc].)

I remember a while back when I was operator on a hub (I had gone from normal user to ‘VIP’ to operator in a week because of the nick name I had). I had been operator for two months or so, when I wanted to play around (for fun) a little. I sent a message to the status bar where it said that I had kicked the hub bot. All my privileges was promptly removed later that day because of the other operator’s lack of knowledge about the status bar.

What lack of knowledge? Well, there’s no way for someone else to send “messages” to your status bar. “But you just said you had!” Well, I sort of lied.

DC++ has a filter, where it says “if hub message contain ‘is kicking’ and ‘because:’, display the message in the status bar”.
The built-in ‘Kick user(s)’ feature, that is present when you’re an operator, will send the message “is kicking <other user’s nick> because: <reason>”.
You can write “is kicking because: this message will go to the status bar.”

The ‘is kicking because:’ messages will only go to people’s status bar if they have enabled “Filter kick and NMDC debug messages”.

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