DC++ goes closed source

Read more here.

3 Responses to DC++ goes closed source

  1. Anonymous says:


    you link doesn’t seem to work (“post doesn’t exist”).

    what’s up with this ? we won’t be able to browse the source code now ?

    what are the reasons ? is it because people can use this source to fake some things ? i think this would be a good reason.


  2. Ah, the link has apparantly been removed (well, moved).

    Here’s what it said;
    “Several official documents and pressure from UN, US and EU organizations have forced arnetheduck to stop distributing the VS project files that make up DC++. The injunction specifies that distributing said code is in violation of the 2001 Patriot Act which is intended to “deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world”. Also cited was a group of international acts in 2003 in which the US and EU agreed to extradition and mutual legal assistance in matters such as these. Quoting, “[this] allows our governments to form joint investigative teams…, and to replace outdated extradition procedures with provisions that apply across the EU.”

    In the future source code will only be available from outpost websites outside the sphere of influence of the US theocracy.

    arnetheduck thanks you for your support and would appreciate it if you deny he ever existed.”

    Please note the date of my post and you’ll understand the reason for the post.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hehehe, nice one, i really thought it was true !

    Morever, I am aware of P2P progs being forbidden in France, so you are close to some reality, read this.

    And this one isn’t an April fool…

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