Sorting favorite hubs (part two)

While reading/writing the comments in a previous post, I remembered something that’s of importance for the “no, we won’t add a sorting possibility” argument.

The favorite hubs work in a way that may not be very intuitive, but you’ll have to get used to it since it’s here to stay…

When you add a new hub to favorite hubs, there’s a check that validates if the hub address entry already exist or not. If it exist, a box will popup and say ‘Hub already exists as a favorite’ (my wording, yay!). Now, this box will only popup if you enter a hub address that already exist (if you try and not enter anything, another box will popup…). If you enter a hub address that’s gibberish, and when it’s created change the hub address, there will be no popup. (One could argue there should be, but what until I explain further.)

If you create two favorite hub entries, with the same address but with different nick names (multiple accounts for instance) you will only be able to use one of the nick names. This is because DC++ will always choose the nick name for the hub that’s highest in the list.
Nick: Name1 Password: pwd Address:
Nick: Name2 Password: pwd Address:
No matter how many times you wish to enter the hub with ‘Name2’, you will never as long as ‘Name1’ is higher up on the list.

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