Sorting auto connects

Every once in a while, a feature request (“Proposal”) appear in the forum that involve listing possibilities and the Favorite hubs tab.

Basically, people ask why we can’t implement a way to sort the hubs in the Favorite hubs tab. Like the sorting you find under Favorite users, file listing or the search frame.

So, why isn’t it possible to sort?
Well, first off, it’s not about lack of knowledge. My estimation would be that I could do the feature, make the patch, test it and put up a new Bugzilla entry, all in 30 minutes.
“OK, you know how to, then give us the feature!” No, because you’d lose functionality if sorting was possible. “What? Loss of functionality when you add something? Come on!” Yes, functionality would be lost.
I documented this in the help file (you do read it, now don’t you?);
If several hubs have auto connect enabled, the highest hub will be connected to first.
Auto connect, that is, the little checkbox beside the ‘Name’ of the hub. Not to be confused with auto reconnect.

So you see, it’s a tradeoff. If there was a sorting feature, auto connect order would break entirely.

“So what? Add a feature so we can mark hubs as “auto connect first”, “auto connect second” etcetera.” This is probably never going to happen with DC++. It is bloated enough and arnetheduck has said he wants less features, not more.

4 Responses to Sorting auto connects

  1. emtee says:

    IMO its would be worthy to think about what feature of this two is more useful… or which of them would be used by more ppl.
    Asking for the sorting feature is understandable from those who dont making groups of certain hubs in the fav hublist by ordering them (as like I do). I think most ppl just want to find his/her desired hub to connect easily..
    On the other hand its not clear for me (and maybe for others too) why is it has any importance to be able to set what hub is the first to connect to and what one is to last.
    Is there any limit how many hubs DC++ can connect at the same time?

  2. Personally, I would like a ‘search feature’; That is, when you press a command, a box pops up where you search for items. Like the ‘Find’ button in file lists. I think fulDC has a ‘search’ funtionality (or something similar).

    There should be no limit in DC++ in the amount of hubs you can connect to. (Well, the Public hubs has a limit on amount of hubs you can select.) The only limit would be how your operating system handles sockets (that is connections). I know Windows XP limits amount of (TCP) connections to 10 per second – which you normally don’t even notice.

  3. emtee says:

    You said ‘There should be no limit in DC++ in the amount of hubs you can connect to.’ Then Im still confused why is it an important feature to be able to set the connection order in the fav hubs… :)
    Anyway that search feature you planning is a great idea!

    And also there would be also a very useful improvement in ‘the find function in the lists’ if
    1. find editbox would be a combobox instead and worked as like ‘Search for’ box in the search frame (remembering for previous search strings of the current session)
    2. pressing next button again would done the search from the begining of the list after the search reaches the end of the list with ‘No matches’

    These 2 are in the top 5 of my missing features of DC++

  4. The order is (also) important because there is a ‘restriction’ when adding hub entries that already exist. It’s on my blogging todo list. :)

    I never said I was planning on doing a ‘search’. :)

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