Progressing your index

The indexing progress located under the View tab is basically just another phrase for ‘hashing progress’. The window display just that; Which current file being hashed and stats about various things concerning files to be hashed.

There’s on major advantage of having this window open. (No, I don’t count being able to see which file DC++ is hashing.) When the window is closed, the thread that runs the hashing process is set to ‘Idle’. (Think of a ‘thread’ as a lane on the highway. Different threads, “lanes”, can do different things.) This ‘Idle’ means that DC++ should run the hashing in a way that’s not supposed to affect the performance of the computer. When you open the window, the process is set to ‘Normal’. This will (should – I don’t experience any difference) make DC++ to hash your files faster. The downside with that is of course that the overall performance of the computer goes down.

Moral of the story; If you want files to be hashed sooner and don’t care if it affects your computer, have the window open.

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