Starting with the help file

In the notes for DC++ 0.68, you could see the following;
* [bug 521] Help instead of readme shown on first startup (thanks paka)
(What you didn’t see was that I removed the readme completely as it was redundant and absolete. The help file is/was better in every way.)

What does ‘first startup’ mean? It doesn’t neccesarily mean the first time you start DC++. What the ‘first startup’ indicicated is that there’s a check in Settings, that will check if there’s anything in the box ‘Nick’. If the box is empty, the help file (before, the help file and readme and before that only the readme) will popup so “a new user” will get information about DC++ to set it up. Why did I put “a new user” in quatation marks? Because the check cannot know if the user is new or not. It will just popup when the box is empty. The most common reason (that I can think of atleast) why the box would be empty while the user is not new, is if the user has chosen to install DC++ in a folder which doesn’t contain dcplusplus.xml (which store the nick).

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