Right left right left

The most part of the world write in a language where sentences start from left and go to the right. Though, there are some languages that write from right to left.

And support for right to left writing is supported as of DC++ 0.68. Download Example.xml (or you can use any other language file that is based on 0.68+) and open it in a text editor (Notepad will do just fine). Look at the end of the second line, where it says RightToLeft=”0″. 0 means that text will go from left to right. Change the value to 1 instead and you’ll have right to left text. (It should be RightToLeft=”1″.)

Before text in DC++ is written right to left, you have to include Example.xml (or the language file) so DC++ can recognize that it’s the file that should be used for texts. Go into File -> Settings -> Apppearance, and enter the path to the file under ‘Language file’. Restart DC++ and all internal DC++ text will be written from right to left.

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