DC++ vs DC

I guess we’re continuing on the ‘misconception post path’…

A lot of people say they’re on “DC++ hubs” or that they “are downloading files from DC++”. This is wrong.

DC, Direct Connect, is a network that is based on hubs and on clients. The actual network is called DC and the protocol is called NMDC (Neo-Modus DC). This protocol was designed by Jonathan Hess, the creator of the NMDC client (the very first client). arnetheduck, the creator of DC++, then sniffed the traffic to and from the hub and created a client based on the foundings. Later, arnetheduck designed (still in late development) ADC, another protocol, that utilizes the same principles of the NMDC protocol; it can still be considered as ‘DC’.

DC is a network which is based on hubs (servers) and clients. DC++ is a client that can connect to said hubs.

So, please; Stop using the phrase “I downloaded some things from DC++”. Its like saying “I am connected to mIRC” or “My website is on Internet Explorer”.

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