Operator? Key please

Let me first define what a operator is. An operator (also known as ‘OP’) is a person that have some control in a hub. The operator, depending on his/hers ‘operator status’, can do variously things in the hub to control users or the state of the hub. Operators are given their operator status by other operators and they in turn was given their status by the owner of the hub.

In Your tag is wrong, I wrote about a common misconseption about the tag concerning operator status and key ownership. I’ll now try to clarify the difference.

Being assigned a key can be done by operators, that is, people with (and to some extent; limited) power in the hub. DC++ uses the key to internally set that the client is an operator. The key will bring you a few things; (1) Two new right click commands on users will appear; ‘Kick user(s)’ and ‘Redirect user(s)’. The former will remove the user(s) from the hub. The latter will (try to) send the user(s) to another hub address; (2) You will always be able to grab users file list regardless of slots; (3) Update the tag: “x/y/z”, where z would be updated. ((4): An endless amount of mostly garbage private messages.)

These are what a key ownership will bring you. An operator, again, a person with powers, doesn’t not imply key ownership. Why? Because an operator can have reasons to not disclose why he or she have powers. (Of course, depending on hub;) operators may login with a special account that will give them all the same powers as someone who has a key.

Usual operator power are being able to kick users, redirect users, ban users (kick with a “you are not allowed in here” period of time defined by a (or some) operator(s)), mute users and set hub topic.

So, whenever you see someone with a key, assume they only have the above three things. They might not, but there’s no way for you to know if you don’t ask them (or get operator status that allow you to see their operator status).

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