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Whenever DC++ starts, it checks if a new version is out and displays a modal popup box stating some of the features and bug fixes that exist in that version. You can see the same version in Help -> About DC++ -> ‘Latest version’.

And currently, if you view the about box, you will see 0.674 as the latest version. This of course incorrect as far as versioning is concerned.
So, why is it displaying incorrect information? Well, it is because the about box will check here if a new version is out.
So, why is this file displaying incorrect information? Well, the file just hasn’t been updated to 0.68+. It isn’t a matter of lazyness or clumsyness that it hasn’t been updated. It’s a matter of testing. If you go to the download page you will see that 0.687 is marked as ‘unstable’. The whole 0.68 series has been marked as ‘unstable’ when it appeared on the site. Why? Because it is ‘unstable’. The unstability caption is a result of the major re-writes that happened with DC++ during the 0.674 -> 0.68 phase. Since so many things were changed, everything couldn’t have been checked (yes, I know that 0.68 was in development for quite some time.)

So until arnetheduck feel that DC++ is stable (no “oops, I guess this code need to be reviewed”), the latest version will state 0.674. If you want to be updated whenever DC++ is released (I will of course blog about it…), you can monitor DC++ releases. Login to Sourceforge (create an account if you don’t have one), go to then press ‘Files’ (right of ‘Subversion’) and press what looks like an envelope (below ‘Notes / Monitor’).

Edit: You can also see the the current development log here.

4 Responses to Latest version

  1. eMTee says:

    Nice info as usual :) But would be great to see the changelog of the svn too (to know what ‘ll be in the new release). Since dev moved to svn I dont find the link what was

    before. Is there a similar link in svn?

    (btw the link to dc++ project @ sourceforge in the post is mistyped the correct link is : )

  2. I’ve edited the post to link to the SVN changelog.

    Corrected the spelling error. Thanks. :)

  3. TheParanoidOne says:

    This is a link to the most current version of the changelog, if you don’t want to see all the revisions:*checkout*/dcplusplus/dcplusplus/trunk/changelog.txt

    If you are interested in the progress of DC++ development, bookmarking this would be a good idea.

  4. emtee says:

    Thx a lot theparanoidone, this one is exactly what I was looking for !!

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