Tips and tricks are not always good

While cruising the web, I found this blog with a ‘tips and tricks’ section for DC++. The idea behind it is nice, but they weren’t of much value. One of the ‘tips’ was just disturbing;

Have you ever come back to your pc to check if your download has finished only to find that it hasn’t and you have been disconnected from the hub for a few hours? Connections between two computers are interrupted for many different reasons; the server crashing, a change of your IP address which was forced by your ISP, even a temporary Internet hiccup between two locations.Here is one way to help. You can set the dc++ software to reconnect automatically if such an event occurs. The software can be instructed to re-connect every two minutes. To do this, click the Yellow Star and find Echoes Hub. Check the little box that is just below the word “Auto”.

First of all, there’s no way to configure DC++ to re-connect. DC++ does this automatically. (You can of course hack DC++ to have an option.)
Second of all, the ‘Yellow star’ is the Favorite hubs tab. The little box below the word ‘Auto’ is an indication that DC++ should connect to this hub on startup. The box will do nothing when running DC++. The wording might throw you off; ‘Auto connect’, but it has nothing to do with re-connecting to a hub. (Of course, one could argue that the caption should change to something less ambiguous.)
Third, after two minutes, DC++ will randomize a value between 0 and 60 and re-connect in that many seconds. So, the re-connect time interval is 120 + randomized(0 to 60) seconds.

The only time DC++ stops re-connecting is when it has recieved ‘banned’ in the login message.

I think we need more ‘tips and tricks’ from different people, but not when they come out talking utter bull. (I may not be an expert in all the areas that is DC++, but I atleast have a somewhat good overview.)

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