Modal your crash

Most have experienced that DC++ has crashed at some point and a dialog box pops up. If you haven’t, I’m happy for you.

Anyway, the dialog box says; “DC++ just encountered a fatal bug and should have written an exceptioninfo.txt the same directory as the executable. You can upload this file at to help us find out what happened (please do not report this bug in the bug tracker unless you know the exact steps to reproduce it…). Go there now?” and then a yes/no button.

This dialog box is modal, which means that you can’t interact with any other part of DC++ when this is displayed. The only way you can interact with DC++ again is to press yes or no (preferably yes) and restart DC++.

The dialog box weren’t always modal though. It got modal in DC++ 0.4032 (if I can trust the changelog).

What are the reasons the box went modal? When DC++ crashes, there’s nothing that ‘restarts’ the parts that crashed. Running a crashed program should always be terminated because it’s such a greater chance that (more) information will be lost.

I recall a day when DC++ crashed (this was when the modality didn’t exist), and I just moved the dialog box out of the screen so I wouldn’t see it. A few minutes later, DC++ crashed again. I moved the dialog box yet again. About 30 seconds later, DC++ crashed again. This time, I figured there must be something wrong and that I should restart DC++. I was quite unhappy that DC++ had crashed because I had several rare downloads going on. Most of them soon to be completed. Oh, well. I closed DC++ and restarted. To my amazement, all of the temporary downloads were lost, my logs had been corruped and the exceptionsinfo.txt had grown to 3 MB during this little escapade. Fortunately, the users were still online and I could download my files, the logs were just a few days old and a 3 MB text file wasn’t very space consuming.

Nevertheless, I bet you can understand why I liked the descision to make the dialog box modal. If it had been like that from the beginning, I wouldn’t have lost my downloads and my logs wouldn’t be corruped.

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