Debugging your symbols

This could be somewhat considered as a continuation of the previous post.

If you don’t see that message (that I wrote about in that post) when DC++ crash, but instead you see; “DC++ has crashed and you don’t have debug symbols installed. Hence, I can’t find out why it crashed, so don’t report this as a bug unless you find a solution…”

Debug symbols? What? Look in your DC++ directory. Look for the file DCPlusPlus.pdb. In this file, contain all ‘debug symbols’. This file is used when DC++ tries to create exceptionsinfo.txt. With DCPlusPlus.pdb, information about the crash (eg, where in the code it crashed) is given to the exceptionsinfo.txt. You can see sometimes the lack of the .pdb file in exceptionsinfo.txt if it contain an overwhelming amount of question marks.

Like the message says, there’s no way of knowing why DC++ crashed without this file. So, hurry go and download it if you don’t got it. (It is provided with the .zip…)

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