You’ve by now seen [Z], [R], [S] and [T] in the transfer view.

They all tell a great deal about what kind of transfer it is and what has actually been done.

The [Z] show that compression is on. You will see this if you have ‘Enable safe and compressed transfers’ and the other user aswell have that option enabled. (If we look a little closer, it is actually so that GetZBlock and ZlibGet is enabled. These are two supports that I blogged about yesterday.)

The [R] show that the transfer has been rolled back, that is the file was resumed and the roll back actually ‘chopped’ off a small piece of the incomplete file. You can change this value (only for Downloads, not Uploads) in Experts only, Rollback. For the default value I advice looking in the help file (press F1 in DC++).

The [T] means that the file has TTH check on. This is (to my knowledge) the ‘opposite’ of [R]. The file doesn’t get ‘chopped off’, but the TTH gets confirmed with its tree which mean the transfer is safely continuing. If you have ‘Advanced resume using TTH’ on the rollback value doesn’t make a difference. The TTH resuming always come first.

The [S] mean that the actual transfer is ‘secure’. You will only see this on secure ADC hubs (adcs://:
) and only if you have SSL enabled and working.

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