What is up with the Python-stuff?

If you’ve tried to compile DC++, you probably have noticed that Python is required.
One simple reason: Example.xml.
You may have incountered Example.xml when you’ve tried to use a language file or creating one. In this file exist most (no, not all, but most of them – we strive to have all included though) strings that you may incounter while using DC++. The English strings can be translated into any language (to my knowledge) and used.
To get back to the Python-part… The file ‘makedefs.cpp’ create Example.xml. But, the script does it after creating two source files. StringDefs.cpp and StringDefs.h. In these two files exist what we internally use instead of those strings you all see inside DC++. So, without the Python-file, every string you see in DC++, would be hard coded. This means that you have no way of changing the strings used, without compiling DC++ in your language.
Another part where Python is required (but isn’t required directly for DC++) is for the DC++ help file. I’ve already blogged about it here.

One Response to What is up with the Python-stuff?

  1. Ullner says:

    From the old blog:
    It’s makedef.py (not makedefs.cpp) and it doesn’t create StringDefs.h. ;) Mmm … python.
    Publicerad av TheParanoidOne – 2006-01-09 14:47:06

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