What is up with the preferences’ names in the Settings?

If you’ve been a long time user of DC++, you probably have noticed that a few versions back, a lot of Settings preferences’ names were changed and split up. ‘General’ to ‘Personal information’ and ‘Connection settings’… ‘Appearance’ to ‘Appearance’ and ‘Colors and Sounds’… ‘Advanced’ to ‘Advanced’ and ‘Experts only’… You may wonder (or not, I don’t care: It’s *my* blog) why in the world these names came to be.

Well, it all had to do with yours truely (for you _weird_ people out there, I mean me) and being up at 1 am on a work day. The names came to be because I wanted them to. I had nothing better to do other than splitting up the preferences and naming them. Looking back, it was all so clear: “Hm, I don’t think the majority of people use these settings… Hey, I’ll just call it ‘Experts only’ for the time being. I’m not really going to send a patch in with that name. That name is just stupid. Oh well… Later.” Boy was I wrong. How should I have known arnetheduck actually accepted it. So all you kids out there; blame arne for including it. :)

I know, I know. We can’t just blame arne. Pothead, Sulan and Trem is responsible aswell. They couldn’t think of a better name, so I just left it in. Hey, I’m innocent here. Yay.

Looking at other clients, such as fulDC (which by the way, Trem [my little slut] manages), BCDC++ (cologic’s work) and StrongDC++ (BigMuscle), no, I repeat: no, client that have their client based on DC++ has ever removed these names from the Settings. I see two possible reasons: 1) They don’t want to as it would probably force them to put some effort into their clients. Or 2) they actually like it. While 1) is certainly true, I think 2) is also true. Hm… I may have to call in Sherlock on this one…

Oh well, that’s all from this edition of the DC++ internals. Kids, this is what you’ve learned today: Don’t add or change things that millions of people will later see and/or experience when it’s 1 am at night and all you’ve had to drink is Coca-Cola. And that Trem is my bitch. Yes. Mine. Mohahahaha.

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