If you’ve been paying attention when looking through the settings, you may have noticed “handle dchub:// and adc:// URL links” and “handle magnet: URI links”. URL vs URI links.

Why does magnet: say URI when dchub and adc say URL? Because they are two “different” things. An URL is a type of URI. I know, that doesn’t tell much…

It all depend on the context. When we say “dchub:// and adc:// URLs”, we are specific about what kind of address/protocol we are using.

When we say “magnet: URIs”, we are not specific on a particular magnet URL. You see, there are different magnet: URLs.
Some can even DC++ handle;
I’ll leave it for another time to explain a little more what each do… I’m not sure how well DC++ handles all of them, the one used primarily in DC++ (eg, when you press ‘copy magnet link to clipboard’) is the first.

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