Socket error codes

In 0.68, the socket error codes changed.

They changed from DC++’s error description to Windows’ own socket error code description.

What does this really mean then? It means that whenever you got (for instance) “Connection refused by target machine”, you now get “No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it.” Or something similar translated into whatever language your operating system use. That is, if you have installed a Chinese Windows version, you’d get the message in Chinese.

All of the error codes can be viewed here.

Here’s a list of the (that I could find) error codes one could see before.

WSAEWOULDBLOCK: “Operation would block execution”
WSAEACCES: “Permission denied”
WSAEADDRINUSE: “Address already in use”
WSAEADDRNOTAVAIL: “Address not available”
WSAEALREADY: “Non-blocking operation still in progress”
WSAECONNREFUSED: “Connection refused by target machine”
WSAETIMEDOUT: “Connection timeout”
WSAEHOSTUNREACH: “Host unreachable”
WSAESHUTDOWN: “Socket has been shut down”
WSAECONNABORTED: “Connection closed”
WSAECONNRESET: “Connection reset by server”
WSAENOTSOCK: “Not a socket”
WSAENOTCONN: “Not connected”
WSAENETUNREACH: “Network unreachable (are you connected to the internet?)”

(Yes, they aren’t aligned. I didn’t feel like making it prettier.)

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