Slots, slots, slots…

There are three types of slots. ‘Normal’ slots, minislots (I can never remember if it’s one word or two…) and granted slots.
‘Normal’ slots are those that you set in DC++ under Settings -> Shared. Or the ones when you write /slots x. You probably have noticed that you can’t set it below 1. This is intentional, and there’s code in UploadPage.cpp that back this up. You probably don’t need to be a programmer to see how you should do to remove it… I often do when I’m trying something out.
Minislots (or mini slots… Whatver.) are always three. You can’t make that number higher or lower without changing the source. (If someone want, I have a patch to add a setting where you can change this value.)
The minislots were originally designed so small files (files that were 16 kB or smaller) could be downloaded regardless of ‘normal’ slots. This value was later changed to 64 kB and in 0.671, I made this value a user definable value. So, you can set this to whatever you want (but not less then 64 KiB). It is recommended that you have a fairly low value, I use 2 or 3 MiB. But understand: if someone get a file from you on one of your minislots, they are not able to download files that is above the mini slot setting. They don’t automagically get a ‘normal’ slot. Here’s also one of those trickier parts: What if someone grab a minislot because there is no normal slots availabe and someone else with a normal slot leave (thus freeing one slot). Do the person with a minislot get the normal slot? No. Atleast not until they download another file that is above the minislot setting. The minislots count aswell in file lists. (Except if you are an operator, read below.)
The third kind of slots are granted slots. There’s two categories of granted slots. There’s a manual granted slot, and an automagic granted slot.
The manual granted slots are easy. When you click ‘Grant extra slot’, a slot is granted to the user in question, and directly, an automatic connection attempt is performed.
The automatic granted slots are a little harder. Mostly because there are so many ways.
The file list is always (automatically) uploaded for operators regardless of slots and minislots.
If you look at Settings -> Sharing -> Automatically open up an extra slot… and enable it (setting it to something higher than 0), “O:x” will appear in your tag. (Where x is the amount you set it to). If an upload is below the entered value, a granted slot will be issued out, but it will only last for 30 seconds. And only one is issued out.
If you have favorite users and you want them to get a slot automatically, tick the box beside their nick in Favorite Users. They will use this granted slot if no normal slots are available.
An automagic slot is also sent out if you have ‘Automatically disconnect users who leave the hub’ (Settings -> Advanced) and someone leave the hub while they are downloading. The next person to come in and try to connect will get the automagic slot.
I probably have gotten some of the autogrants wrong and/or missed some… This is atleast what I’ve experienced from use of DC++ and from reading the code (and can currently remember).
By the way, you probably read the title as ‘Sluts, sluts, sluts’ and figured I was going to talk about my slut, Trem? Ah, no. Not this time atleast. Talking about Trem, the slut, my slut, is for another time.

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