Search for alternates

Here is what happens when you click on ‘Search for alternates’.

If the file has a TTH, DC++ will search by the TTH.

If the file doesn’t, DC++ won’t search for alternates since it cannot reliably determine which files are the same without the TTH root.  Prior to version 0.670, it did the following:

  • Temporarily strip $ (dollar sign), | (pipe), . (full stop), [ (left square bracket), ] (right square bracket), ( (left parenthesis), ) (right parenthesis), – (dash), _ (underscore) and + (plus sign). DC++ will replace all occurrences of these characters with a space.
  • If the size is greater than 10*1024*1024 bytes (10 MiB), the option ‘Size’ will have ‘Atleast’ selected.
  • If the file is less than 10 MiB, the option ‘Size’ will have ‘At most’ selected .

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