Reconnect. Ctrl+R. Connect again to the hub.

There are two different types of reconnects. A manual and an automagic.

The manual, is triggered when you press Ctrl+R or the little “right arrow icon” (in lack of better wording). Doing this, will force DC++ to directly reconnect to the hub.

An automatic reconnect is performed every 2-3 minutes. It is done to be random because the hub could be stressed extremely if a few thousand people try to connect at the exact same time. DC++ will continue to try to recconect with one exception: if DC++ recieve ‘banned’ (when trying to enter the hub), automagic reconnect is immediately turned off for the hub in question.

There’s one situation where you may see or experience inconsistency. If you have unticked ‘Automatically follow redirects’ (Settings -> Advanced), and someone redirects you to another hub (which you don’t follow to), pressing Ctrl+R (or just seeing an automagic reconnect) will not reconnect to the hub you’ve been redirected to but DC++ will try and reconnect to the original hub.

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